Refers to all dental procedures that finally lead to a beautiful and glowing smile: tooth whitening, ceramic veneers, composite veneers ( mock up bonding technique), metal free crowns and dental jewellery or Skyce.

Tooth whitening

It is a procedure through which the existing colour of the tooth changes into a lighter version. The teeth lose its whiteness and shine because of different reasons like coloured food and drinks, cigarettes, certain medication, tooth trauma as well as the physiological darkening because of the age. This method can also be performed at home using a mild gel based on hydrogen peroxide and dental splint or at our dental center using a laser technology. It is important that a specialist of dental medicine supervises any of the procedures mentioned above.

Ceramic veneers

Ceramic veneers are indirect fixed prosthetic substitutes which act as natural teeth. They are individually made in the laboratory in order to correct the colour, form and the position of the tooth. They are basically thin shells of complete ceramic and represent an alternative to complete crowns because of the minimal invasive approach.

Composite veneers (mock up bonding technique)

Composite veneers (mock up bonding technique) are direct upgrade which is made during one single visit to the dentist. Their duration is shorter than ceramic veneers however, proper oral hygene and maintaining your teeth in general can prolong its duration.

Metal free crowns

Completely ceramic crowns made of pure ceramic, they have non metal or zirconium oxide base. Because of the base they gain transluscence ( the light is able to pass through the tooth) and that makes the perfect effect of the natural tooth. Dental ceramic is biologically acceptable and does not cause allergies.

Dental jewellery (Skyce)

Putting a zircon or a real diamond on a tooth reperesents a leading trend in dental medicine. The procedure is quick and completely painless and it gives a unique and personal touch to a patient. A zircon or a diamond



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