A specialist branch of dental medicine that treats supportive tooth structures (bone, cement, periodontium, gingivitis).
Periodontal diseases are widely spread and after the cavities represent the most common problem of the dental system. Periodontal therapy refers to the procedures in which the plaque around the roots of the teeth is ultrasonically removed, the soft dental tissues are polished . It also refers to sand blasting, periodontal curettage of the diseased roots involving also the education about oral hygene and constant recalls (regular check ups).

The gum level is an important factor of the smile aesthetic. Gingivectomy and periodontal cover up of gingival recession (also known as receding gums) are methods with which the gum levels are corrected. Gingivectomy is surgical removing of the gum tissue in order to gain a greater clinical tooth crown.
Periodontal cover up of the receding gums caused by brushing trauma, malocclusion or bad prosthetic is done with a small surgical procedure of gum augmentation.



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