A specialist branch of dental medicine which deals with positioning dental implants (titanic screws) in the jawbone and by doing so it substitutes the root of the lost tooth. It is one of the most optimal, aesthetic and functional solutions.

The procedure prevents future bone decay, adjacent teeth need not to be prepared for the procedure furthermore chewing or talking is facilitated. Implantology has enabled solving a great number of problems in dentistry, even the most complex ones.
The procedure of installing the implants is a quick and painless surgical procedure performed under local anaestesia. A slice of gum that is lifted to perform implantation is very small and the patient feels only light postoperative pain after a slight manipulation. The implants are immunely inert and the osseointergration depends on the organism itself as well as on the condition of the bone it is being implanted into. The osseointegration usually lasts 2-3 months for the lower jaw bone and 3-6 months for the upper jawbone. After the finishing phase of osseointegration the prosthetic phase follows where a superstructure is placed and ceramic crowns or a bridge or removable dentures are fixed (All on 4).

Dental implants are a sort of titanium screws that are surgically embedded into the upper or lower jawbone in a surgical procedure. The implants serve as a base in the prosthetic work that follows whether we are talking about solitary tooth crown, bridges, fixed or removable or total dentures.
After fixing the dental implant it is necessary for the process of osseointegration to occur, the process lasts from 3-6 months and after that the implant can be used for the further procedures. The osseointegration is the process in which the bone is completely merged with the implant. After the final phase of osseointegration the abutment is being set onto which the prosthetic follows.

We use the implantological systems Ankylos and Astra Tech at our center which are recognized as premium systems of the dental implantology with long-term clinical experience and top prosthetic work. The abutment is created individually for each patient using the system Atlantis in Sweden.

In certain cases of jawbone deficiency we are able to reconstruct the defect using the patient’s bone or combining artificial and the patient’s bone so that the following procedure of implantation can take place.



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