Dr. Sc. Anita Kranjčević Bubica

dr. med. dent.
specijalist ortodoncije

Dr Anita Kranjčević Bubica is an orthodontic specialist since 2012 at the Department of Orthodontics at the University Hospital Center Zagreb, Croatia. At the same time the doctor enrolled the postgraduate study in  the field of orthodontics at the University of Zagreb, School of Dental Medicine where she successfully defended a thesis under the title „Estimation of Proportion Relation of  Frontal Teeth and of the Form of Dental Arch in Class I, II i III Malocclusions“. The doctor also holds a Master’s degree since 2009. from the scientific area of biomedicine and health and scientific branch  of dental prosthetics at the University of Zagreb, School of Dental Medicine.

She is a member of:

  • Croatian Orthodontic Society ( HOD)
  • Croatian Dental Chamber (HKDM)
  • World Federation of Orthodontics (WFO)
  • American Association of Orthodontists (AAO)
  • Societa Italiana di Ortodonzia (SIDO)(Italian Orthodontic Society

The doctor puts a lot of effort and time into continually improving her expertise at numerous symposiums and congresses in the country and abroad. The same rule also applies to her entire team – an imperative these days.
Besides orthodontics the doctor engages in implantology and prosthetics, aesthetic dental medicine as well as the oral surgery . She is an active participant of numerous Croatian and international congresses as an author or a co-author of poster presentation of scientific or practical review from everyday practice.

Education and certificates

  • October, 2022. Zagreb, Biomehanics & TADs, dr. Giorgio Iodice
  • May, 2022. Matulji, Surgical-prosthetic course in implantology
  • May, 2021. Zagreb, Space closure – an eternal challenge in orthodontics
  • April, 2021. Zagreb, Biomechanics in digital orthodontics
  • October, 2020.Rijeka, Facial skeletal discrepancies and orthognatic surgery
  • November, 2019. Budapest, Competence in Esthetics 2019
  • October 2019. Zagreb, Restylane ®Skinboosters & lips
  • October, 2019. Zagreb, Biomehanics and Anchorage Concepts, dr.  Paolo  Manzo
  • August, 2019. Rijeka,  Clear Aligners in Orthodontic Treaement
  • May, 2019, Rovinj, Biomehanics Concepts in Modern Orthodontics Practice, Prof. Richard P. Mc Laughlin
  • October, 2018 Zagreb, SOL ™ Portable Diode Laser, Gergely Götz
  • September, 2018 Celje, Erkoform 3D-Termoforming System
  • September, 2018 Zagreb, Clear Aligners-A New Chapter in Orthodontics, Udo Windsheimer
  • April, 2018 Zagreb Digital Clinical Practice – From Diagnostics to the Final Result, Prof. Mladen Šlaj
  • April, 2018 Zagreb, Endoret® (PRGF® ) – Aesthetic and Gel,  Dr. Nikola Milojević
  • December, 2017 Zagreb, Current Options for Skeletal Anchorage in Orthopedic and Orthodontic Treatment, Prof. Irene Kapogianni
  • September, 2017 Zageb, Extraction vs Non Extraction Bringing the face first,  Prof. Massimo Lupoli
  • June, 2017 Split, 3M Health Care Academy:  2nd Regional Dental Conference May, 2017 Split, Model Management
  • February, 2017 Split, Dentistry Today 2017
  • October, 2016 Split, 3rd International Congress  of the Croatian Dental Society
  • September, 2016 Zagreb, 2nd  International Congress  of the Croatian Dental Society
  • January, 2016 Zagreb, Bone Anchorage from Research to Clinical Application/
  • October, 2015 Zagreb, Orthodontic Therapy: How to Choose Mechanics and Improve Results /, prof. John Bennet
  • September, 2015 London, 8 ᵀᴴ International Orthodontic Congress
  • April, 2015 Dubrovnik, Orthodontic Therapy Based on Biomechanics and Aesthetics, Prof. Ravindra Nanda
  • March, 2015 Zagreb, 1st International Congress of Dental School
  • September, 2014 Graz, F.A.C.E. Course Modul 8. ,  Prof. Renato Cocconi i Prof. Stefano Troiani
  • May, 2014 Zagreb, F.A.C.E.Course Modul 7., Prof. Stefanao Troiani i Prof. Morten Laursen
  • October, 2014 Punta Skala, Forestadent Symposium 2014.
  • March, 2014 Ljubljana, F.A.C.E. Course Modul 6., Prof. Stefano Troiani i Prof. Claudia Aichinger
  • January, 2014 Zagreb, F.A.C.E. Course Modul 5., Prof. Stefano Troiani i Prof. Andrea Compri
  • November, 2013 Ljubljana, F.A.C.E. Course Modul 4.,  Prof. Stefano Troiani i Prof. Elizabetta Grendene
  • September , 2013 Graz, F.A.C.E. Course Modul 3.,  Prof. Stefano Troiani, Prof. Marc Geserick i Prof. Guido Ranieri
  • May, 2013 Zagreb, F.A.C.E. Course Modul 2., Prof. Stefano Troiani i Prof. Gianluca della Tana
  • March, 2013 Ljubljana, F.A.C.E. Course Modul 1., Prof. Domingo Martin i Prof. Stefano Troiani
  • November, 2012, Rotterdam, 36 th Annual Conference of the European Prosthodontic Association EPA
  • April, 2012 Zagreb, Aesthetics in Orthodontics Using Modern Labial and Lingual Self – Ligating Systems¸ Prof.Vittorio Cacciafesta
  • October, 2011 Zagreb, Days of Orthodontics, Prof. Paolo Manzo
  • September, 2011 Dubrovnik, International Congress of Aesthetic Dental Medicine
  • May, 2011 Zagreb,Orthodontic Therapy With Children and Adults in Relation to Disfunction, Position of Condyle and Aesthetics, prof. Marc Geserick
  • October, 2010 Zagreb, Borderline Cases; What Can Orthodontics Do Today?, Prof. Guido Sampermans
  • October, 2010 Zagreb, Mini Implants – Anchorage in Orthodontics, Prof. Bjorn Ludwig
  • March, 2010 Zagreb, News in Orthodontics, Prof. Lars Christensen i Prof. Leanardo Fernandez
  • September , 2009 Šibenik, Dentistry Today
  • April, 2008 Opatija, Days of Kvarner
  • September, 2006 Opatija, Days of Dentistry
  • April, 2005 Opatija, Days of Kvarner – Prosthetics
  • September, 2005 Šibenik, Dentistry Today
  • November, 2005 Zadar, Targeted Individual Prevention
  • September, 2004 Šibenik, Dentistry Today

List of scientific works:

Scientific Articles International Review:

  1. Nikolov Borić, Daša; Kranjčević Bubica, Anita; Radalj Miličić, Zorica; Špalj, Stjepan; Meštrović, Senka Craniofacial Morphology of Subjects With Hypodontia – Effects of Severity and Location, Research Journal of Pharmaceutical, Biological and Chemical Sciences. 9 (2018), 3; 410-418
  2. Radalj Miličić, Zorica; Nikolov Borić, Daša; Kranjčević Bubica,Anita; Špalj, Stjepan; Meštrović, Senka, Dental and Skeletal Relationships in Subjects with Class III Malocclusions, Research Journal of Pharmaceutical, Biological and Chemical Sciences. 75 (2016), 5; 2248-2259
  3. Kranjčević Bubica, Anita; Radalj, Zorica; Nikolov,Daša; Šlaj, Martina; Tadin, Antonija; Pejda Slavica, Aesthetic Proportion of Frontal Teeth in Dentoalveolar Class I, II and III Malocclusions, Research Journal of Pharmaceutical, Biological and Chemical Sciences. 7 (2016), 3; 2158-2167

Summaries at international scientific conferences

Impact of Hypodontia on the Face Profile – Cephalometric Analysis Nikolov Borić, Daša; Kranjčević Bubica, Anita;  Radalj Miličić, Zorica;  Meštrović, Senka

Dental and Skeletal Relations and Growth Patterns  in Subjects of Skeletal Class III Radalj Miličić, Zorica; Kranjčević Bubica, Anita; Nikolov Borić, Daša; Meštrović Senka

„Golden Proportion of Frontal Teeth in Dentoalveolar Class I, II i   III Malocclusions“
Kranjčević Bubica, Anita;  Radalj Miličić, Zorica;  Nikolov Borić, Daša;  Šlaj, Martina; Pejda Repić, Slavica

Multidisciplinary Approach in Treating Deficiency of Upper Side Incisors
Repić D.;  Jurela A.;  Tadin A.;  Kranjčević Bubica A.;  Pejda Repić S.

Prevalence of the Rule of Golden Proportion with Malocclusions of Class I, ClassII/1, ClassII/2, and Class III Kranjčević Bubica, A.;  Radalj Miličić, Z.;  Nikolov Borić, D.;  Šlaj, M.;  Pejda Repić, S.

„Are the Years of  Training and Clinical Experience Helpful in Assessment of Tooth Shape in Selection of Artificial Teeth?“
Petričević, N.;  Poljak Guberina, R.; Guberina, M.;  Kranjčević Bubica, A.;  Molnar, M.;  Čelebić, A.

Orthodontic – Conservative Therapy of the Deficiency of Maxillary Central Incisor – the Presentation of the Case, Medvedec Mikić, I.;  Kranjčević Bubica, A.;  Tadin, A.;  Repić, D.;  Matijević, J.

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