Antonia Fatović Mahadić

Doctor of Dental Medicine

Doctor Antonia Fatović Mahadić graduated from the University of Zagreb, Scool of Medicine in September 2017. Quickly after graduation she started working at the Dental Center Kranjčević Bubica. She continues to improve her knowledge and her field of special interest are restaurative dental medicine, endodontics, periodontics and aesthetic dental medicine. She represents a new addition to our well synchronised team. Everyday work with patients is her favourite part of work and she enthusiastically faces everyday challenges in the office. The doctor is also a member of Croatian Dental Chamber.

Education and certificates:

  • October, 2018, Zagreb, SOL ™ Portable Diode LaserDr. Gergely Götz
  • May,  2018, Zadar, Aesthetic Dental Moment
  • April, 2018, Zagreb,  Endoret® (PRGF® ) – Aesthetic and Gel,  Dr. Nikola  Milojević
  • April, 2015 Education of ABC Emergencies from ERC and First Aid,
  • March, 201, 1st International Congress of Zagreb Dental School

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